Behind the Hype there is a Classic: Adidas Stan Smith


You may already seen the trend about a white clean and simple pair of kicks that are being dressed by many different type of people. Including females and males. Adidas Stan Smith has been on top of the selling and a great Hype at the streets as you can see below.

However behind this Hype there is a Classic.

Why it's a Hype?

During 2015 it was most impossible to not see a pair of Stan Smith on someone's look. They could be part of the look of a young guy, a mid-age woman or a teenager. Despite of Vogue saying they would be gone in 2016, they are still strong as since its relaunch in 2014.

It's very possible to seen many other colours and types besides the original model. The hype brought the necessity to have more variations. Which is dangerous, because buying a 'crazy' version may keep you stuck to the trend in few years from now. However keeping to the original may be one of your best acquisitions.

You may even have one pair at your collection. But do you know that before celebrities and the fashion industry massively adopt Adidas Stan Smith to the agenda, this model is an ultimate Classic?

How about the Classic?

The history starts in 1963 with the launching of a clean white shoes made in leather - the first leather model produced by Adidas - and instead of the classic three stripes attached externally, the model has them perforated on the sides. At the beginning in 1965 the shoes were named after the tennis player Robert Haillet.


The model is renamed as "Adidas Stan Smith".
For some reason, Adidas could not decide at first if the model should still be called Robert Haillet or if it should be renamed to Stan Smith, so for several years (1973–1978) the shoe was produced with a tongue that had Stan Smith's portrait and the word "Haillet" written above it. In 1978, the word "Haillet" was finally removed from the tongue, and the shoe was really endorsed by Stan Smith and officially renamed the adidas stan smith. source


Despite of the great number of sales and the great acceptance of the shoes, which the creation of sub-models as the "Stan Smith 80's"; "Stan Smith II"; in 2012 Adidas decided to end the production and marketing of the shoe.
Stan Smith II
Stan Smith 80's


The return, Adidas makes a great relaunch using social media a base to reinforce Stan Smith's presence. And we to say that they did a great job.

How about the end of the Hype?

A classic never ends, although, there a great possibility of these 'crazy' new colours and textures get outdated. However, as a classic, Adidas Stan Smith on its original colours, format and simplicity may never go out of fashion. Therefore, we from the SNKR 2008 advise you to make it smart - stick to the original - and in case you want to go crazy, make sure you have your green and white model saved back home.

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